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Taking your team to China is always a daunting task. Often, when dealing with the logistics and the headaches, you forget to plan for the local coverage of your team’s travel and interactions in country.


Our team on the ground is passionate, bi-lingual, and journalistically savvy. We are able to execute localized coverage for your team’s China tour that we publish on Chinese social media and make available to you for worldwide use.

Meet Dan Redford

Founder and Managing Director Fullreach China

Dan holds a dual degree in International Relations and Chinese from Michigan State University, as well as certificates in Chinese language studies from Nankai University and Shanghai University in China. In 2012, Dan received the prestigious “Distinguished Young Alumni Award” from his alma mater.

Dan is the Founder and Managing Director of Fullreach China. Since becoming the first foreigner ever hired in-house at China’s largest digital sports media platform, Sina Sports (part of the SINA family of channels), Dan has been committed to guide international sports properties to success in China.


Dan became fascinated with China as a sophomore at Michigan State University in his home state in Michigan when he began taking Mandarin Chinese classes. What was an initial summer study in 2008 to learn Chinese at Nankai University in Tianjin ignited in Dan a lifelong passion to master the Chinese market. For the last decade, he has traversed the country, learning the language fluently and building relationships across a wide array of industries and backgrounds. In that time, he has taken on a number of roles linking the U.S. market with China, including:


  • Student Ambassador at the U.S. Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
  • Director of China Operations, FirstPathway Partners EB-5 Program (Beijing, China)
  • Vice President, Investor Relations, Civitas Capital Group (Beijing, China)


While living and working in Beijing, Dan became fluent in Chinese and could observe intelligently new market opportunities in China. In 2015, he decided to become involved in the growing sports industry in China, and was hired by Sina Sports to support strategic partnerships and content acquisitions between the firm and international sports properties and leagues. At Sina, Dan help to develop partnerships and content programs with some of the world’s biggest athletes and teams. Some of the most exciting work he accomplished at Sina include:


  • Contract negotiation, client management and co-production of Sina Sports’ “Protalk series.” Athletes include Michael Phelps, Tony Parker, Draymond Green, Tim Hardaway, Daryl Morey, and Peter Schmeichel
  • Secure first-ever China broadcasting agreement between the National Basketball League of Australia and Sina Sports




Meet Timothy Kim

Head Social Media Manager Fullreach China

Timothy Kim Social Media Manager Fullreach China

Timothy Kim is the Head Social Media Manager of Fullreach China, based in Shanghai, China. Timothy plays an essential and vital role in managing key client social media accounts and team members, as well as relationships with key KOL and media partners in China.


Timothy was born and raised in Anhui, China. At a young age, Timothy developed a talent and a passion for sports, primarily basketball. Prior to joining Fullreach, Timothy served for many years as a basketball trainer and translator in Beijing. His fluent English as well as his unique affection and knowledge of the game made him an important asset for Chinese-based training companies that depended heavily on cooperation with foreign players and coaches.


Always looking to learn more and better himself, Timothy believes, as the Chinese saying goes, “A man should never stop his journey of learning.” When he is not manning the desk and creating content for our clients, Timothy serves as a commentator for live match broadcasts on Alisports in Shanghai. A true basketball junkie, even when he is not working in the sports business, he can be found at the gym playing basketball.

Meet Fannie Fan

Social Media Manager Fullreach China

Fanny - FullReach China

Fannie is the Social Media Manager of Fullreach China, helping to manage key client social media accounts, KOL and user relationships.


Fannie became a die-hard basketball fan in middle school and majored in journalism in college. Prior to joining Fullreach, Fannie served for many years as a social media manager in Beijing. She provided sports marketing programs for a variety of clients, included planning, activation, execution, and evaluation. Fluent in English, she also created press releases, compiled event and match reports, and provided the translation.


Fannie likes to say “I can stay in the gym all day long, as long as I’m playing basketball.” She boasts a true passion for and knowledge of the game and is always chasing her dreams to work deeper and deeper with the game of basketball.



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