Are You Ready to Impact the China Market?

China can be a wacky place to navigate. We’ve helped many different companies over the years solve problems and get results in China – from growing brand awareness, to building strategic partnerships, to supporting on-the-ground event logistics.


Our Suite of Services Get You Noticed

Social Media Management

These are the basics. This is the starting point for any brand looking to grow a market in China. Think about it – would you think about developing your brand anywhere in the world without having a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account?


Having a social media account in China is at least as important, if not more so, than any other market in world when building your brand. We launch and professionally operate official accounts for our clients on China’s most important social media platforms – Weibo and WeChat. Our strategies are drawn from our leadership’s experience working at Sina Sports, China’s largest digital sports platform.

Local Event Coverage

Taking your team to China is always a daunting task. Often, when dealing with the logistics and the headaches, you forget to plan for the local coverage of your team’s travel and interactions in country.


Our team on the ground is passionate, bi-lingual, and journalistically savvy. We are able to execute localized coverage for your team’s China tour that we publish on Chinese social media and make available to you for worldwide use.

Consulting & Media Relations

We know the lay-of-the-land on China’s social media landscape, and we are prepared to give our clients the upper hand. While the rewards of the China market can be vast, achieving success takes a mix of bold commitment and patience.


We look at our role for our client’s to be more than just their social media team in China – we look to be your eyes and ears on the ground in this new, foreign market. Our leadership team is heavily involved in each and every one of our engagements. We do not limit our advisory to simply data reporting. Our philosophy is that if our client’s are not successful, then we will not be. We will help you navigate the market using our local knowledge and Western background to make sure you are profitable and enjoying your experience.

Pac12 - Full Reach China

Consider us a trusted partner that has been through the trenches and back again in China. We will help you move forward with confidence.


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